Do you sometimes
dream of America?

Mint photographer Mario Wezel has set out to explore his personal relationship to the U.S., traveling through 22 States in the last year. FOLLOWING A ROAD WITHOUT AN ENDING, A NARRATIVE WE MIGHT NEVER UNDERSTAND. During the nexT weeks he will share his projeCT on THE MINT WEBSITE.


Part Three:

The WesT

From Washington D.C. to Niagara Falls, across to the coastline of New Hampshire and back down to the capital.

 For the settlers the West was the end of a journey- nowadays this is where it all starts.


Downtown and the rest, Los Angeles


Postcards from California, L.A., San Francisco and Santa Cruz


Postcards from Texas I, Austin, San Antonio and Boca Chica


Google, Palo Alto


Postcards from Texas II, San Antonio and Brownsville



Text and Pictures: Mario Wezel

Video Editing: Michael Heck