Weekly update #2

"man shouldn't be able to see his own face. the inventor of the mirror poisoned the human heart." - Fernando Pessoa



Family Party

The long train ride home a with broken aircon. A barn full with people: speeches, children playing, funny songs, food, wine, to much wine. The local band arrives and figures out where to set up their instruments. The drummer finds his spot and gets ready to roll out the drumming carpet. 

Vendsyssel, 27th of August 2016. Kasper Palsnov




Lourdes is a place of pilgrimage located in the foothills of the Pyrenees. The church says that in 1858 a young girl should have had  multiple marian apparitions there. People pilger to the place to get in touch with the „holy water“ and live their faith in god.

France, Lourdes, 2016 by Jens Gyarmaty



Dietrich Kuhlbrodt

Dietrich Kuhlbrodt is a retired chief prosecutor from Hamburg. He was part of the team of German prosecutor that was tasked with charging former nazis in the sixties. Besides his career in the law he started to write movie reviews for magazines like Tempo and became friends with director Christoph Schlingensief. He took part in almost every movie Schlingensief filmed. Kuhlbrodt, now 84 years of age is sharp as ever. He shaved is head the first time as a young prosecutor as a nod to the punk and oi! movement, which didn’t make him many friends at work. 

Hamburg, 2015, by Felix Schmitt.



Seasons change

Another summer has passed and although I feel like I’ve enjoyed it to the fullest I can’t shake the feeling of having lost another year. For me, somehow New Years Eve is not the end of the year but the end of summer is. Let’s suppose I’ll live until I’m 90, I still have 61 summers left. Doesn’t sound too bad. Can’t wait for the next one. (Nürtingen, September 2016, Mario Wezel)




I met Olaf on assignment for de Volkskrant the other day. The Dutch newspaper I’m currently interning at send me to take portraits of the young vlogger (video blogger). He creates videos of his private life and posts them, mainly on youtube.

Olaf vlogs once a week and has already many followers. During our conversation I caught myself becoming more and more fascinated by his sensible understanding for his hobby and the vision how to make money with it. He is twelve years old.

Zutphen, Netherlands, 2016 for deVolkskrant.