Weekly update #1

Day and night. Night and day. In common places and far away. Our pictures of the week.


I met T. on assignment for Süddeutsche Zeitung. He used to do almost every drug there is to do, now he tries to get over his past on a farm that is exclusively run and operated by people struggling with substance abuse. Lemmy Kilmister of the british heavy metal band Motörhead is his idol, he’s been to seven concerts before Lemmy died.

August 2016, Felix Schmitt.


Fastfood restaurants are becoming open spaces in big cities. They're open  24/7, air conditioned, cleaned and mostly quiet. Every night people sleep on the tables. During the day they're being used for hangouts and work. Nowadays Hong Kong is the most expensive city in the world. Space is rare and for a lot of people hardly affordable. Mc Donald's Hong Kong accepts it with an outwardly corporate concept, defining the shops as open space for everyone. However special interior design is used to keep control about these spaces.

Hong Kong, Kowloon, June 2016, Jens Gyarmaty.

Before the storm

Summer is nearly over and fall knocks at the door. The quietness of the ocean is still out there, but about to change within the next weeks. Storms are coming and the water will soon switch to winter mode. Strong winds, bigger swell and powerful waves are presenting the world’s most precious source of life during the winter.

    Water is my favorite element. It represents me in so many ways. It combines my love for the ocean with my love for human photography. Without water we wouldn’t exist and without humans there won’t be photography. With the help of this medium, I’m able to get closer to this earth and its people. Photography teaches me so many things, so does the ocean. 

Bloemendaal aan Zee, Netherlands, September 2016, Marcel Wogram


A hot steam punch into my face answered by a flash light, however immediately parried by Sascha’s bavarian angel wings. One not to be despised, but outstanding competition took place between this summers European football championship and Olympia in Rio. The German Sauna Masters. Outtake from an assignment for a secretly new magazine by Gruner & Jahr, coming out early 2017

Bad Mergentheim, Germany, July 2016, Patrick Slesiona

Late at night

We had wondered around the deserted city centre of Oberhausen for about 45 minutes that night before we knocked on a white door, glowing under a sign saying “Natashas Pub”. It seemed like Thursday wasn't the best night to get to know the nightlife of this town that had undergone heavy structural changes in the last 40 years. It went from being one of the industrial engines of Germany to being the city with the highest debt in the country. The barkeeper didn't want to show her face but her hands were just as interesting. In capital letters she had written Love over her left four fingers while different symbols covered the other hand. However the symbol of a famous motorcycle gang was something she didn't want to reveal on the photo. Shot on assignment for Süddeutsche Zeitung.  

Oberhausen, Germany, August 2016, Mario Wezel.