Weekly Update #7

Ain't nobody got time for that

Starting in November spanish school students and parents are going to protest against homework with the goal to completely get rid of it. Compared to other European countries pupils in Spain spend much more efforts to rework after the school hours. The winners of this story will definitely be the kids with more time to play around, such as jumping up street lanterns.


Palma de Mallorca ,Spain, 2016 - Patrick Slesiona





Salix Babylonica

The Weeping willow is one of my favorite trees in the world. Positivity is in its nature. Every year in early spring, the branches and leaves will be cut down to a minimum. The poor looking stump will soon re-grow to a beautiful majestic tree. It's a simple and pure form of life on planet earth.


Het Twiste, Netherlands, 2016 - Marcel Wogram 





Mr. R.

Mr. R. has spent more than the half of his life behind bars because of sexual offences. He attacked and raped underage girls. The psychological diagnose said he would not be able to feel empathy. 
Nobody wanted to let him out, but in 2011 he came out of prison. European Court of Human Rights declared preventive detention in Germany is illegal. 
He found a girlfriend who accept him like he is. If everything is in regulated channels Mr. R. says, he can trust himself. At the moment everything is ok.

Jens Gyarmaty, 2016