Weekly Update #8


It was one of these days when you don’t expect much of your day in the office. You edit your images, send files, talk to colleagues and have a coffee. Everyone who worked in this kind of environment knows, that editors spend most of their time calling people. Coincidentally I listened to a conversation concerning a story about Neo Rauch, one of Germany’s highly renown present painters. I immediately joined that conversation and asked if I can take his portrait.
One week later, I sat in a car from Berlin down to Leipzig on my way to witness Mr. Rauch in his seemingly inaccessibly studio. It was the day after the American elections and we ended up talking about politics quite heavily. After a while we needed a break from this topic and I started to take his portrait.

Leipzig, Germany 2016 - Marcel Wogram for Volkskrant

90 Seconds


I have always been fascinated by male societies, likely because I don't understand them. I spent one evening at the fights and what struck me most wasn't the physical strength nor the violence, but the obvious vulnerability almost all of the fighters displayed. They appeared like they were stuck in an idea of toughness which they couldn't fully embrace. This is Viktor Dell about to enter the cage, he lost after about 90 seconds due to a knock-out. Two guys mopped his blood off the floor and the next fight commenced.

Rüsselsheim,Germany, November 2016 - Felix Schmitt for Frankfurter Allgemeine Woche



The signs of religion are everywhere you look in Israel. In Jerusalem of course, a holy place for many religions. But also in the metropol Tel Aviv. Painted on the wall of a shop.

Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Israel, October 2016 - Kasper Palsnov