Weekly update #4


Every weekend thousands of people storm Amsterdam for either shopping tours, sightseeing or just to enjoy the city. I was commissioned to photograph this periodic phenomenon and went to the most busy street the city has to offer, the Kalverstraat. When I got there, I didn’t really know how to photograph it. What would be a good picture? What’s the actual situation here? Many people in a tiny street? What disturbs me the most? So I put my camera back in the bag and just followed the crowd for a while and became more and more uncomfortable, until the point I became claustrophobic. Then I started shooting!


Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2016 - Marcel Wogram for de Volkskrant

New Boss in Town

Christine Hohmann-Dennhardt is the new Board Member of Volkswagen for Integrity and Legal Affairs. Her job is to take care of the emission scandal at the German car manufacturer. 


Wolfsburg, Germany, September 2016 - Mario Wezel for CAPITAL