Weekly Update #6



K always tried to be her best and her strongest. When she got transferred to another division of her company her new colleagues bonded against her, she was bullied from day one. It took months until she realized what was happening and years for her body to not being able to cope anymore. She suffered from burn-out and depression. She got back on track with the help of therapy and her husband. I got to spent a couple of days with her in her new life. When I left the first day after she told me her story I sat in my car and was really nauseated by how mean people can be. How empathy is the first victim when a group agrees on its inherent righteousness. 


Germany, 2016 - Felix Schmitt for GEO Wissen






The West Bank is a places divided by lines: walls, fences, check-points. Who decides this and why are lines so important? Right now the view from my window is to a large settlement that looks like a sand colored city, this morning I could hear the adhan from the local mosque.


West Bank, 21.10.2016 - Kasper Palsnov





Salon del Mobile

It was one of the early summer days, when I walked the beautiful Italian streets of Milano. I was photographing the Salon del Mobile, the famous annual furniture and manufacturing exhibition. I have beautiful memories about this time in Italy, but one of the most confusing and nice looking exhibits was this drowned lifesaver, which was nearly unnoticed by the visitors. It questions so much with it’s quiet appearance. A fact, that I really like about design or art, you name it. 

Really glad my friends from Bureau Bordeaux liked it too and use it now in their latest publication.


Milano, Italy, 2016 - Marcel Wogram for @produktdesign-hannover





Hours and hours of driving without any change of landscape. The U.S. has this incredible vastness. Nothing is everywhere. I was driving through South Dakota in June and stopped at one of the many former nuclear missile silos. It’s just a whole in the ground, nothing else. Incredible to imagine that World War III could have been started from here.


South Dakota, United States - Mario Wezel.