Weekly update #16



Breakfast and lunch 2

Innsbruck, Austria - Patrick Slesiona



boys in Katwijk

north Holland, the Netherlands - Marcel Wogram



Delivery guy and a blue house.

London, UK - Kasper Palsnov



Weekly update #15



Bibi the elephant was captured in Africa when she was still young. The mental drama from witnessing the death of her whole flock is still influencing her each day in the zoo of Halle. Norman is her zookeeper and has a deep understanding and respect for Bibi and the other elephants. He has a few tattoos of elephants on his body.

Mario Wezel, Halle, Germany - shot for SZmagazin





Our guide in a camp ground in Bramspunt, a remote beach where sea turtles exit the water to drop their eggs in the sand. 

Marcel Wogram, Suriname - for Volkskrant Magazine



Patrick Slesiona

Weekly update #14




A palm tree, a bar, a drink and a beach. Being in the City of Tel Aviv you almost forget that you are walking inside a bubble.

Kasper Palsnov, Street scenes, Tel Aviv, Israel 2016.


In the fading daylight stood this weird building, illuminating everything around. I don’t know what it is. I’m still waiting for that whisper in my ear to tell me what it could be.

Mario Wezel, Nashville, Tennessee, February 2017.


Lenox in a bar in Amsterdam.

Marcel Wogram - the Netherlands, 2017.

Weekly Update #13



Gerard Rond is a former motorX rider and now an entrepreneur. His love for racing technologies such as motorbikes and rally cars brought him to the creation of his company „Defenture“. They specialize in special operation vehicles for military use.

Marcel Wogram for de Volkskrant - Tiel, the Netherlands



There was music. He liked it. A visit in the desert.

Kasper Palsnov, The West Bank, October 2016.



Went for a walk to find a POW, came along this little fashionista.

Patrick, Kassel Outskirts, today.

Weekly update #12



On the IJssel - Arnhem, the Netherlands

Marcel Wogram for de Volkskrant

Originally from Indonesia, Mr. Nasoetion now lives in the Bavarian countryside. He lived through history, his father was captured and executed by dutch soldiers in the Indonesian independence war right after World War II.

Felix Schmitt for RNC Handelsblad.

Weekly update #11


Christmas with friends

December, 2016 - Felix Schmitt




childhood memories

For the fist time in years I went home for New Years Eve. When I was a kid, this spot on the hill close to my home had a little forest on top of it. This is the first time that the ouster appearance of my hometown doesn’t match with my childhood memories anymore. 

Nürtingen, 1st January 2017 - Mario Wezel





Altar boy 

Altar boy serving church in Rhineland-Palatinate. 

Forst, village church 2016 - Jens Gyarmaty





Innsbruck, nordkette

We had a beautiful gathering with friends in Innsbruck, Austria at the end of 2016. On the last day of the year, we went up to Nordkette, a mountain close by. While enjoying the view and having a few beers, we were surprised by the lack of snow at that time of the year. 

Nordkette, Innsbruck, Austria, December 2016 - Marcel Wogram

Weekly Update #9


Swan, Berlin 22.11.2016 - by Kasper Palsnov.





Landerer & Company

In beginning of 2016 my friend Felix Landerer asked me to photograph his squad of dancers for an upcoming show. The choreographer works together with dancers from all over the world, like China, Italy, Canada and the Netherlands.

I had the idea of creating an atmosphere which is rather quiet than powerful and dynamic. By limiting the amount of light, I could just focus on the bodies during a moment of standstill, while peaking their movements.


This is Anila, Hannover, 2016 - Marcel Wogram for Landerer & Company.