hello world, we are the new photo collective!

Dear friend

We are very excited to welcome you to MINT. First of all MINT is a photo collective founded on a common love to photography. The idea comes from a need to talk about photography.

This website is a way of challenge and inspire each other. We will do that through different posts:

‘Collections’ will be a returning collection of 3-5 pictures by each member that we produced within the last few weeks.

‘Mono’ will be a challenge with a theme where we all try to interpret it.

‘Work in progress’ will be a view into a larger project by one of the MINT members: thoughts, contact sheet, visions.

‘Statement’ will be used when MINT feels the need to commentate on something going on in the world of photography.

Thank you for following!

Love, Marcel, Patrick, Jens, Mario, Felix and Kasper