Summer is closing in. First of all we will like to welcome you to a whole new MINT platform. From now on we will give you a monthly update of ‘What We Did’, ‘What We Thought About’ and ‘What We Saw’. We see this as a great opportunity to sum up the photographic everyday life of the MINT members and to share news and creative updates with you. You can also go an explore projects of all MINT members. And not only is this the release of a new platform, it is also the warm welcoming of two brand new, talented members of our collective! Therefore we have added an extra section to this month's update dedicated to them.


MINT welcomes the second Danish member Charlotte de la Fuente. Charlotte has a degree in photojournalism from the Danish School of Media & Journalism. Her degree project was honored with the Scanpix Price for best BA. Since graduating she has been working as a freelance photographer in Copenhagen. Portraiture always plays an important role in Charlotte’s approach to her projects. When Charlotte is not working on her photography, she spends some of her spare time on her balcony with good friends in Copenhagen and spins ceramic pottery as a hobby.

See more of Charlotte’s work on her website or in the photographers section.

From Charlotte de la Fuente's 'The 2900's' about the area North of Copenhagen.

From Charlotte de la Fuente's 'The 2900's' about the area North of Copenhagen.


MINT was founded in 2013 and now consists of 8 members from Denmark and Germany.

We are truly proud to WELCOME the two new members.

We also welcome Anna-Kristina Bauer to the MINT family.

Anna has a degree in photojournalism from University Of Applied Science And Arts in Hannover and works as a freelance photographer and videographer around Germany. In her deeply personal projects, Anna focuses on the feeling and meaning of being young and growing up within our society. Anna is most probably the best cook in Hannover and also takes great care of her two turtles Lila and Flitzer. Anna is a former recipient of the Canon Profifoto Förderpreis

See more of Anna’s work on her website or in the photographers section.

From Anna-Kristiana Bauer's project "Teenage Space Odessey".

From Anna-Kristiana Bauer's project "Teenage Space Odessey".


The month of June has been busy with a lot of things to do before summer.

Mario exhibited his work “Do You Sometimes Dream of America?” both at the Copenhagen Photo Festival and at Museum Hilversum, The Netherlands.  You can see the whole project on the MINT theme page here and the exhibition in Amsterdam will run to the 20th of August. Mario also worked on his first cover story for german SZ Magazin, portraying the first female referee to ever be working in the male dominated world of the 1. Bundesliga.

It was a great reunion when Kasper was assigned by the Danish magazine Journalisten to do a portrait of his former colleague at the Danish daily Berlingske Eva Jung. Eva will be Berlingske’s new correspondent in Brussels.


Kasper's work in Journalisten June issue.

Exhibition opening of Mario's 'Do You Sometimes Dream of America?" at the Museum Hilversum in Amsterdam.

Mario's frontpage on Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin.

In 2016 Charlotte began the project ‘The 2900’s’ named after the postcode of her home area in Northern Zealand north of Copenhagen. The place is known for being Denmark’s wealthiest area. This month Charlotte had the chance and time to continue the work. The project is a way for Charlotte to rediscover her personal background but also to investigate an area of great wealth when the gap between rich and poor is increasing in Denmark these years.

In April Marcel travelled to Suriname and into the deep jungle for the Dutch Volkskrant Magazine. The final result was published on three spreads in the end of May.

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Remember that you can always see our current location on the 'Where we are right now' on the Photographers section.


Marcel Wogram's work of from Suriname was published in Volkskrant Magazine. This is from a break between photographing in the jungle.


Is science the evidence of the human being or is there too much of a lack of humanity in science?

This month MINT member Kasper Palsnov will share his thoughts on a photo book he stumbled upon in London.