Waterparks and sight-seeing, independence day and falling asleep outside on a hot summer night. in July we got back in touch with our rural roots, learned a thing or two about oil, took calm portraits of people who talk for a living and tried to keep moving. Tag along for a quick update on the past month and have a great summer!


Winter couldn't be further away right now. Here's what we've been up to in July, besides from lying in the sun as much as possible.

Anna has been working on a video assignment for UNICEF and spent a month on the road in Germany, talking to youth about their feelings and anticipation toward the G20 meeting earlier this month in Hamburg and following around young activists from UNICEF in their peaceful protest leading up to G20.

Anna's assignment on facebook

Anna's assignment on facebook

Felix spent some time in Kallstadt for stern magazine. Here lie the roots of Donald Trumps family, his grandfather emigrated to the U.S. from here. After some years he tried to return, but the German Empire wouldn’t let him because he was not in the Empire when he would have had to serve in the Military and now was too old to serve. For him it was a nice homecoming since he spent his youth in this area and was able to look at a familiar place through the editorial lens.

Kasper was hosting a one week radio course at Krogerup Højskole in Denmark in the first week of July. The course was a cooperation between Krogerup Højskole and the nationwide radio channel Radio24syv and was a mix between talks from radio hosts, debates and live performances of the radio programs. After each talk Kasper made a portrait of the people from Radio24syv.

Mario was assigned by german magazine Capital to photograph the past and present of the oil industry in northern Germany. He spent a day both at one of the biggest employers "Baker Hughes" and got a rare glimpse into their factory where they produce and program different kinds of drilling technologies. He also spent a few hours at the Erdölmuseum Wietze where the region’s history of drilling is being displayed by different kinds of machines and utilities.

Marcel visited Fatima in El Jebha, Morocco for de Volkskrant. She grows weed to produce cosmetics with the seeds. Born in Amsterdam with a Morrocan background she’s now trying to start a business in the place of her ancestry. 


This month Anna talks about how she feels about the unique work of Roger Ballen and how his approach towards the intersection of reality and dreams influences her own work. There’s a great short documentary about the referenced work "Asylum of the Birds" that you can watch here