Monthly Update - march 2019

This month, MINT has been on the road. From ice cold swims in Copenhagen to sunny afternoons in Monaco. Drinking beers together in Berlin and reflecting on what goes on in the span of 12 months. March marks the change of a season for us; a newfound optimism and light in our lives. As we slowly unravel from winter’s close grib in both our minds and bodies, we continue taking pictures of it all.



We all got together in Berlin

This month the MINT members got together in Berlin for our annual meeting. During the course of the weekend we had good talks on what everyone had been up to during the past year. At the office space Universum we looked at each others work from the past year, talked about future plans for the collective and ate plenty of pretzel.


Kasper felt the heat

Creative Chefs have made the industrial wasteland of Refshaleøen a Danish Brooklyn: a high place of local cuisine and a place to cultivate the "hygge", the well-being in Scandinavian.

Minutes by bike from the central station of Copenhagen, three minutes by boat-bus from the Amalienborg Palace it draws a concrete landscape, barely troubled by the glow of the neon lights hanging from the brick facades of the old hangars.

Kasper photographed the area for M Le Magazine du Monde.

Words by Anne-Françoise Hivert.


Marcel went to Monaco

Together with journalist Daniel Erk, Marcel travelled to Monaco to meet former Formular 1 racer Nico Rosberg. The 2016 World Champion pushes the “mobility of the future“ and is starting his second career as an EcoTec investor.   

The assignment was published in the magazine Business Punk in March.


Anna visited a convent

Last month, Anna captured the Evangelical Lutheran women of the convent ‘Kloster Wienhausen’. The convent, which is located not far from Hannover, consists of 12 women and one abbess. All of the women are under the age of 65, united by Christian principles. They lead a clerical life and are devoted to preserving the convent's art treasures. Anna portrayed the ladies and their favourite art treasures in the convent. The assignment was for the organization for music education ‘Vision Kirchenmusik’.


Charlotte learned about carbon footprints

Back in February Charlotte worked on assignment for The New York Times. During the course of three days Charlotte photographed for a story on Copenhagen’s ambition to be carbon neutral by 2025 by climate reporter Somini Sengupta.

Charlotte photographed Copenhagen mayor Frank Jensen and visited different locations with green initiatives here among a new incinerator with a ski slope.

The story was published on the cover of The New York Times and can be read online here


What we saw