Monthly Update - January 2019

Bears really have it figured out. Hiding away from the the cold for months, well-fed and tired, returning to the outside world just after the snow started to melt. For us humans winter invites retrospection. How did your life change after changing careers? Is that old place where you got drunk in your youth still around? Should I have betrayed all my friends for something I maybe not even fully believed in? Nothing that a bear would have to ask itself. Which might be more comfortable, but definitely less interesting. We set out for another year, hoping for interesting encounters and finding places we’d never thought might be interesting.



Anna met a former soccer pro in his new life

A life that is completely different from the other

“As a soccer pro almost every aspect of your life is being organised for you and you have to sacrifice a lot. It was difficult to accept real life afterwards.” Tobias Rau played for the German national soccer team in 2003, he quit his sports career to become a teacher. Now he teaches at an integrated school in Borgholzhausen and leads a perfectly normal life.

Anna for DIE ZEIT


Felix met a traitor

Sascha Anderson was a glowing figure of the literary and art scene of the former German Democratic Republic. After the wall fell and the GDR seized to exist he was unmasked as an informant for the Ministry of State Security. He informed on his friends, fellow authors, poets and artists. To this day he did not apologise. Felix visited him in his house not far from Frankfurt.

Shot for FOCUS Magazine.


Marcel went to see an exhibition

Jan Svankmajer is a Czech filmmaker and artist whose work spans several media. He is a self-labeled surrealist known for his animations and features, which have greatly influenced other artists such as Terry Gilliam, the Brothers Quay, and many others.

Marcel photographed Svankmajer and his exhibition „The Alchemical Wedding“ at the EYE film museum in Amsterdam

Shot for The New York Times.


Kasper went for a classy lunch

The restaurant Noma in Copenhagen is broadly recognised as the best restaurant in the world. The main chef is the famous René Redzepi, but one of the co-owner’s name is Nadine… Redzepi. She is married to René and in 2018 she released a cook book with all her favourite dishes to make at home.

Shot for Focus Magazine, Germany.


Mario had a great night at a small town disco

Mario accompanied the author Dirk Gieselmann to return to the night club of his youth. Located in a village that has „one bus stop and nothing else“, the story turned out to be both a trip into the author’s past as well as a study of how young people party in the countryside. After many MariaColas, Schnitzel and the best music from the 80’s, 90’s and today, the author and the photographer were quite happy to make it home alive.

Shot for DIE ZEIT



What we saw