MONTHLY UPDATE - September 2018

One starry night and there is light at the harbor. The chilly Atlantic breeze gently caress my skin. Anyone who still wanted to dance could reel to an ocean of roaring sounds. City lights ahead and your arm feels nicely wrapped around my shoulder. I havethe feeling that I belong here.



Anna- Borderline project

100 years after Poland restored its independence, sixteen young European citizens headed to the country to report on Polish youth, their visions of the future and their relationship to the country’s past. Anna was in Slubice to start with her new story about abortion in Poland.


MY body, your country, my choice?

Catholic Poland is one of the rare countries in Europe where women don’t have free access to abortion. And as if that weren’t already enough, the right-wing populist government is trying to tighten the existing laws. Thousands of Polish women are forced to seek help abroad, including in Germany.


Charlotte for Jyllands-Posten

In September Charlotte was assigned to photograph the Danish author Anne-Mette Lorentzen. Anne-Mette recently published a graphic novel inspired by her own experience of coming out as a lesbian at a late stage in her life. The assignment was for the the culture section of Jyllands-Posten.

Marcel for MONOCLE magazine

Last August, Marcel traveled to Gent. Together with journalist Melkon Charchoglyan he worked on a story about the fashion scene in the beautiful Belgian town. Find some excerpt images below ..

published in September 2018, Marcel Wogram for MONOCLE magazine


Anna for TAZ

Marcus Rudolph had to admit that he rarely had as much fun as at this photo shoot with Anna. The 45 year old works at Hannover based radio station Leinehertz and runs a program about homelessness. He is also homeless.