Meaning and reality were not hidden somewhere behind things, they were in them - in all of them. Dance until sunrise, fill up your glasses once again, we will meet in the maze so called world.

Collect the photons!


Marcel discovered an app called Hipcamp, which allows people to camp out at private land. It works nearly the same as AirBnb, just for camping. Oregon, USA, 2017, for Volkskrant Magazine.

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Living like everyone else - that's a common ground for Annette and Tobias Lapp. They want to be free of social conventions, but at some point the bill does not pay off. Anna witnessed the pastoral family for Chrismon Magazine.


This month Charlotte’s short documentary ’Brotherboy’ was selected for a screening at the Australian film festival ’VMC Festival’. The film was screened during the festival in Melbourne which celebrates film on multiculturalism. ‘Brotherboy’ received an award for best film by director over 25. Charlotte made the short documentary while on exchange in Melbourne, back in 2015. The film is about Kai, who is a transgender Aboriginal and focuses on Kai’s challenges to unite his aboriginal culture with his transition into becoming a man.


This month Anna is featured at emerge magazine. Read the interview about the Nowa Huta story and some words about MINT.



Jens met young talents in a music secondary school in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. Besides their studies at school, the teenagers have to practice their instruments up to six hours a day. Less time left to meet friends and live the common teenager life. They say: „Being disciplined costs a high price, but the emotions we get in return is a good trade." Shot for Absolut Karriere.


Mario met the new mayor of Freiburg, Martin Horn. The young man rallied without any political party and won surprisingly. Horn succeeded in creating a movement without common party structures, much like Macron did in France. Shot for Die Zeit.