It’s that month again where everything’s seems frozen.
January is grim and grey in its usual way.

But new years give us a new blank page, a chance to begin anew.
The distant blaze is warming up - slowly embracing with opportunities. Great.
Followed by a sudden cold water splash. Awake.
So let’s roll up our sleeves and attack the good resolutions! 

MINT is on, refreshed and looking forward for new ideas and big things to come!


In December Mario spent two days photographing imagery around the topic of leaving church. Writer Christopher Piltz has been a member of the catholic church for all his life but within the last years, an uneasy feeling grew within him, making him doubt wether church was the right place for his believe. We went to see his old pastor as well as a man who harshly opposes the church by running a „gallery of church criticism.“

Shot in Eichstätt, Bavaria and the Harz- region, for NEON


This month Kasper was interviewed by British Journal of Photography about photographing outside your own door step, and what comes first: the camera or the experience. Read more here


The discomfort of society over its own handling of animals discharges itself at an old institution and intensifies the existential crisis of the circuses. 
Felix recently spent some time at circus Krone:

“My Grandmother often took me to the circus when I was little, I remember flipping through the pages  of the playbill filled with glossy photographs for weeks after in my room. I recently got the chance to re-visit the circus on assignment for stern magazine and it felt like a thing from the past all along.” 

The story recently ran in stern, the other circus (Roncalli) in the story was photographed by Mario.


Marcel got the chance to meet the two artists Jaya Pelupessy and Felix van Dam  in the city of Utrecht. Using a bulky homemade large format camera, they produce silkscreen prints of household objects that resemble blocky, bitmap computer graphics. The process involves hand-coating mesh screens in UV-sensitive emulsion. Exposing them to light, creates an image that can be printed by hand. “There’s something magical in the process,” Jaya says. “These techniques are old, but they’re also new. They still surprise us.”
Shot in Utrecht, Netherlands for The New York Times