Normality is an outdated concept. Cops can be authors, priests can be former punks and of course people with disabilities get lovesick too. It's our update for April.


People with a disability are often reduced on their respective disabilities by society. But every person has capabilities. Every person has interests, preferences and things that make them happy. Anna spent a lot of time on the road in April and followed around eight young people with a disability for a campaign by den "Paritätischen & die Lebenshilfe Niedersachsen". This autumn the images will be exhibited in Niedersachsen's state capital.


There’s something unique about the water of the Atlantic ocean when you start out surfing. Marcel traveled to Taghazout last autumn for Volkskrant Magazine to find out more about it. The story ran this April.

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Mario photographed the german crime author Norbert Horst just before spring finally arrived. Horst also still works as a police officer in Bielefeld. While Mario was photographing  him he noticed some odd smell. He immediately started looking around but couldn’t find the source of the intense weed-smell. Shot for Stern Crime.


This month one of Charlotte’s assignments was to photograph priest Rikke Weissfeld for Jyllands-Posten. Rikke has a different background than the typical priest, as she has been both an actress, a politician and also was a punk in her young years. She believes in having a modern approach to the church and is the priest of a newly built church in the area Ørestad in Copenhagen. 


In the month of April Kasper travelled around in Israel and Palestine for two weeks. The trip was arranged by Kasper as a study trip for his photography students from Krogerup Højskole in Denmark. He also got the chance to expose some rolls of film himself.


Everybody wants to live in the city nowadays. Villages in Germany are shrinking. A lot of villages still keep on expanding their areas dedicated to new developments and end up with an empty, neglected main street. The mayor of Wallmerod, a small association of municipalities in western Germany ist trying to do something about it and stopped to allow new developments and started to mobilise funds to renovate and modernise existing development. While other communities are hemorrhaging population, his was +-0 for the last years. Felix Spent a day with him for a reportage in Süddeutsche Zeitung.


The German art magazine BLAU Magazin assigned Kasper for a feature about the Meat Pack District in Copenhagen for their monthly Um Die Ecke in their May issue.