MONTHLY UPDATE - September 2017

On the countryside and in the city, this summer has been one of warm rain and heated debates.

We have been traveling through our homeland, questioned familiarity and spotted new things.
Our paths led us into our backyard, to the base of Germany or a modern translation. On the road yet at home. Always just a little bit of vacation with the rolls of film in our bags and beautiful postcards as the last memory.


German elections 

In the wake of the German elections, Mario and Felix got assigned to shoot stories across the country. For FOCUS, Felix looked at two small villages in Germany in which two parties are traditionally most voted for.

Mario travelled around for Süddeutsche Zeitung to portray the country in the week before the election. 


Jens has been assigned to report the Bundestags election 2017 for Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung in Berlin. The result of the election was historical. For the first time after fall of the Nazi regime a right-wing populist party has been joined the German parliament.


The Danish webmagazine Zetland assigned Kasper to make a series of portraits of Anne Birgitte - a former dresser at the Danish Royal Theater. He made a series of portraits where Anne Birgitte was mixing in with the location of the theatre - because as she said herself: »I always wore black because I had to be one with the surroundings«. The article can be read here (In Danish).



NV Live Lab
From the 27th of September to the 6th of October Kasper will be a part of the project NV Live LAB where 5 photographers will portrait the neighbourhood of Nordvest (North West) in Copenhagen. They have taken over an old kiosk, and every day they invite people inside to the progress exhibition.
Follow along on @nvlivelab or on Facebook and read more on 


The area Nørrebro in Copenhagen is one of Denmark`s most multicultural areas. Since June this year there has been an increasing number of shootings in the area as consequence of infighting gangs in the area. In September Charlotte worked on thee different assignments relating to integration and violence in the area for the newspaper Jyllands-Posten. Besides from being assigned to photograph the atmosphere and locals of Nørrebro, Charlotte also photographed Monica Christensen who suffers from a concussion after she was assaulted in the area in November 2016. As a consequence of the concussion Monica suffers from dizziness and headache and started meditating as a part of her recovery.


Anna is currently working on a five part video series for the Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg. One of the interviews was shot with artist Olaf Nicolai in Berlin about his piece „die Flamme der Revolution liegend in Wolfsburg“. The series is scheduled to publish mid- October.


For the summer design supplement of MONOCLE Magazine, Marcel shot the Dutch central station in Arnhem. It is not a common train station but impresses by its unique design and architectural appearance. The station is rather an example how train stations will connect different sectors of life in the future.


„Color is just a word for those who can’t see the world in color.“
Marcel met Sanne De Wilde at a photo festival and is talking about her book „the Island of the colorblind“ in our 4th podcast.