MONTHLY UPDATE - December 2017

As we embark on the new year that awaits, it is time for our final update of 2017.

In December we have been treading familiar territories, made fires in the cold night, photographed our loved ones and the new fallen snow. It has been a month of exploring caves and virtual worlds in 3D, hunting pictures
as well as Christmas trees.

The last month of the year is also a time for reflection. On the time that has passed as well as the new year that we begin. 2017 has been a year full of changes and exciting new beginnings for MINT Collective. We look forward to what 2018 has in store for us and to sharing it all with you.


Last December all the MINT members started off the month in the company of one another. In the beginning of the month we all got together in Frankfurt for our annual meeting. Over the course of four days we showed each other works from the passing year, discussed future plans for the collective and bonded over beers and schnitzels.


Anna-Kristinas project 'Nowa-Huta' was this month exhibited at the gallery FreeWilly in her hometown Erlangen in Southern Germany.  The exhibition was presented with new video installations and is open until 16th January 2018.


Charlotte worked on an assignment in Malmö, Sweden for The Atlantic. Though the virtual online game Second Life was launched back in 2003, the game is still played by gamers all over the world. Malin Östh and Jonas Tancred are both Second Life enthusiasts, as well as being musicians in real life. Together they form a popular Second Life musical duo called Bara Jonson and Free and live-stream concerts within the game. For the portraits Charlotte used stills from Malin and Jonas' virtual world as a part of the pictures. The story was published in the December issue of the The Atlantic.


Marcel went on a hiking trip with his oldest friend Bernie in Bavaria where they grew up together. During the trip Marcel photographed for the brand Millican which produces sustainable backpacks in the UK. As well as photographing Marcel and Bernie also wrote a piece about their journey for Millican. Read the story here


Mario had the chance to portray Jakub Blaszczykowski, a great Polish soccer player for the football magazine 11 Freunde. A magazine focused on in-depth stories behind the facade of professional football. Blaszczykowski recently made the switch to VFL Wolfsburg and in the article Blaszczykowski tells of his career and the very personal story of how he witnessed his father killing his mother.