Monthly Update - August 2017

7.30 am. first coffee of the day. two candles right next to my computer flicker nervously. the leaking windows in our apartment. the draft. raindrops get whipped against the window glas.




Mario and Anna are co-workers in Hannover's Goetheexil . inside goetheexil is a group exhibition and shows Mario's work on Amerika and Anna's "Nowa Huta" project. 


Mario's story about the American hippie community was published in the German Sueddeutsche Zeitungs Magazin.


Charlotte has been working on various freelance assignments. One of the assignments she did this month was to photograph the German ambassador in Denmark Claus Robert Krumrei for the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten. Prior to the German election Claus Robert Krumrei is resigning after 3 years as an ambassador.


Spiegel Magazine assigned Patrick for a feature on the "Neustadt" in the city of Dresden in Germany.


The German software company SAP is very much into mindfulness, offering their employees workshops and seminars to be more aware of themselves. It greatly raises productivity and employee satisfaction while a number of employees also quits after facing question of self-purpose and meaning in the seminars. Assigned by stern magazine in march and published this month.


The DTM (German racing series) took place in Zandvoort/ the Netherlands. Marcel shot an assignment for the Dutch daily Volkskrant as a part of an ongoing personal project.


This week's audio is a panel discussion moderated by American-Danish artist and producer Andreas Olesen between our Mario Wezel and a dear friend of the collective, photographer Hannes Jung. The talk has been organized by the Copenhagen Photo Festival where both projects "Do You Sometimes Dream of America?" and "How is Life?" were on show. The Podcast is produced by LYDPOL for The Copenhagen Photo Festival.


What We Saw