Weekly Update #6



K always tried to be her best and her strongest. When she got transferred to another division of her company her new colleagues bonded against her, she was bullied from day one. It took months until she realized what was happening and years for her body to not being able to cope anymore. She suffered from burn-out and depression. She got back on track with the help of therapy and her husband. I got to spent a couple of days with her in her new life. When I left the first day after she told me her story I sat in my car and was really nauseated by how mean people can be. How empathy is the first victim when a group agrees on its inherent righteousness. 


Germany, 2016 - Felix Schmitt for GEO Wissen






The West Bank is a places divided by lines: walls, fences, check-points. Who decides this and why are lines so important? Right now the view from my window is to a large settlement that looks like a sand colored city, this morning I could hear the adhan from the local mosque.


West Bank, 21.10.2016 - Kasper Palsnov





Salon del Mobile

It was one of the early summer days, when I walked the beautiful Italian streets of Milano. I was photographing the Salon del Mobile, the famous annual furniture and manufacturing exhibition. I have beautiful memories about this time in Italy, but one of the most confusing and nice looking exhibits was this drowned lifesaver, which was nearly unnoticed by the visitors. It questions so much with it’s quiet appearance. A fact, that I really like about design or art, you name it. 

Really glad my friends from Bureau Bordeaux liked it too and use it now in their latest publication.


Milano, Italy, 2016 - Marcel Wogram for @produktdesign-hannover





Hours and hours of driving without any change of landscape. The U.S. has this incredible vastness. Nothing is everywhere. I was driving through South Dakota in June and stopped at one of the many former nuclear missile silos. It’s just a whole in the ground, nothing else. Incredible to imagine that World War III could have been started from here.


South Dakota, United States - Mario Wezel.

Weekly Update #5


I am fascinated about the time of waiting. I can use the time for something or I can use it for nothing. Both things are beautiful. When I use it for something I usually photograph. These ladies were waiting for the bus together. Their time together seemed important and precious.


Humlebæk train station, Denmark - Kasper Palsnov


I went to Greece last week to work on a story concerning the consequences of a new law the European Union released. A few member states agreed on giving a certain amount of asylums to refugees. Here I photographed at the building of the International Office Of Migration in Athens, talking to people how they came here and what they expect from their future.

The story will be released in de Volkskrant this week!


Athens, Greece - Marcel Wogram for de Volkskrant

Weekly update #4


Every weekend thousands of people storm Amsterdam for either shopping tours, sightseeing or just to enjoy the city. I was commissioned to photograph this periodic phenomenon and went to the most busy street the city has to offer, the Kalverstraat. When I got there, I didn’t really know how to photograph it. What would be a good picture? What’s the actual situation here? Many people in a tiny street? What disturbs me the most? So I put my camera back in the bag and just followed the crowd for a while and became more and more uncomfortable, until the point I became claustrophobic. Then I started shooting!


Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2016 - Marcel Wogram for de Volkskrant

New Boss in Town

Christine Hohmann-Dennhardt is the new Board Member of Volkswagen for Integrity and Legal Affairs. Her job is to take care of the emission scandal at the German car manufacturer. 


Wolfsburg, Germany, September 2016 - Mario Wezel for CAPITAL

Weekly update #3


I went to Zealand for commissioned work. It is an area of the Netherlands famous for its beauty, it’s untouched landscape and the water surrounding the peninsula.

Nevertheless the Dutch government extends the land there with sand, so it can be used for wind power plants, the growth of fish and sea food, or just to build more space for housing.

The Netherlands suffer from the rising water levels and face a comprehensive flooding in the next centuries. 



Zeeland, Netherlands, 2016 - Marcel Wogram for de Volkskrant

Weekly update #2

"man shouldn't be able to see his own face. the inventor of the mirror poisoned the human heart." - Fernando Pessoa



Family Party

The long train ride home a with broken aircon. A barn full with people: speeches, children playing, funny songs, food, wine, to much wine. The local band arrives and figures out where to set up their instruments. The drummer finds his spot and gets ready to roll out the drumming carpet. 

Vendsyssel, 27th of August 2016. Kasper Palsnov




Lourdes is a place of pilgrimage located in the foothills of the Pyrenees. The church says that in 1858 a young girl should have had  multiple marian apparitions there. People pilger to the place to get in touch with the „holy water“ and live their faith in god.

France, Lourdes, 2016 by Jens Gyarmaty



Dietrich Kuhlbrodt

Dietrich Kuhlbrodt is a retired chief prosecutor from Hamburg. He was part of the team of German prosecutor that was tasked with charging former nazis in the sixties. Besides his career in the law he started to write movie reviews for magazines like Tempo and became friends with director Christoph Schlingensief. He took part in almost every movie Schlingensief filmed. Kuhlbrodt, now 84 years of age is sharp as ever. He shaved is head the first time as a young prosecutor as a nod to the punk and oi! movement, which didn’t make him many friends at work. 

Hamburg, 2015, by Felix Schmitt.



Seasons change

Another summer has passed and although I feel like I’ve enjoyed it to the fullest I can’t shake the feeling of having lost another year. For me, somehow New Years Eve is not the end of the year but the end of summer is. Let’s suppose I’ll live until I’m 90, I still have 61 summers left. Doesn’t sound too bad. Can’t wait for the next one. (Nürtingen, September 2016, Mario Wezel)




I met Olaf on assignment for de Volkskrant the other day. The Dutch newspaper I’m currently interning at send me to take portraits of the young vlogger (video blogger). He creates videos of his private life and posts them, mainly on youtube.

Olaf vlogs once a week and has already many followers. During our conversation I caught myself becoming more and more fascinated by his sensible understanding for his hobby and the vision how to make money with it. He is twelve years old.

Zutphen, Netherlands, 2016 for deVolkskrant.

Weekly update #1

Day and night. Night and day. In common places and far away. Our pictures of the week.


I met T. on assignment for Süddeutsche Zeitung. He used to do almost every drug there is to do, now he tries to get over his past on a farm that is exclusively run and operated by people struggling with substance abuse. Lemmy Kilmister of the british heavy metal band Motörhead is his idol, he’s been to seven concerts before Lemmy died.

August 2016, Felix Schmitt.


Fastfood restaurants are becoming open spaces in big cities. They're open  24/7, air conditioned, cleaned and mostly quiet. Every night people sleep on the tables. During the day they're being used for hangouts and work. Nowadays Hong Kong is the most expensive city in the world. Space is rare and for a lot of people hardly affordable. Mc Donald's Hong Kong accepts it with an outwardly corporate concept, defining the shops as open space for everyone. However special interior design is used to keep control about these spaces.

Hong Kong, Kowloon, June 2016, Jens Gyarmaty.

Before the storm

Summer is nearly over and fall knocks at the door. The quietness of the ocean is still out there, but about to change within the next weeks. Storms are coming and the water will soon switch to winter mode. Strong winds, bigger swell and powerful waves are presenting the world’s most precious source of life during the winter.

    Water is my favorite element. It represents me in so many ways. It combines my love for the ocean with my love for human photography. Without water we wouldn’t exist and without humans there won’t be photography. With the help of this medium, I’m able to get closer to this earth and its people. Photography teaches me so many things, so does the ocean. 

Bloemendaal aan Zee, Netherlands, September 2016, Marcel Wogram


A hot steam punch into my face answered by a flash light, however immediately parried by Sascha’s bavarian angel wings. One not to be despised, but outstanding competition took place between this summers European football championship and Olympia in Rio. The German Sauna Masters. Outtake from an assignment for a secretly new magazine by Gruner & Jahr, coming out early 2017

Bad Mergentheim, Germany, July 2016, Patrick Slesiona

Late at night

We had wondered around the deserted city centre of Oberhausen for about 45 minutes that night before we knocked on a white door, glowing under a sign saying “Natashas Pub”. It seemed like Thursday wasn't the best night to get to know the nightlife of this town that had undergone heavy structural changes in the last 40 years. It went from being one of the industrial engines of Germany to being the city with the highest debt in the country. The barkeeper didn't want to show her face but her hands were just as interesting. In capital letters she had written Love over her left four fingers while different symbols covered the other hand. However the symbol of a famous motorcycle gang was something she didn't want to reveal on the photo. Shot on assignment for Süddeutsche Zeitung.  

Oberhausen, Germany, August 2016, Mario Wezel.