Weekly update #11


Christmas with friends

December, 2016 - Felix Schmitt




childhood memories

For the fist time in years I went home for New Years Eve. When I was a kid, this spot on the hill close to my home had a little forest on top of it. This is the first time that the ouster appearance of my hometown doesn’t match with my childhood memories anymore. 

Nürtingen, 1st January 2017 - Mario Wezel





Altar boy 

Altar boy serving church in Rhineland-Palatinate. 

Forst, village church 2016 - Jens Gyarmaty





Innsbruck, nordkette

We had a beautiful gathering with friends in Innsbruck, Austria at the end of 2016. On the last day of the year, we went up to Nordkette, a mountain close by. While enjoying the view and having a few beers, we were surprised by the lack of snow at that time of the year. 

Nordkette, Innsbruck, Austria, December 2016 - Marcel Wogram

Weekly Update #9


Swan, Berlin 22.11.2016 - by Kasper Palsnov.





Landerer & Company

In beginning of 2016 my friend Felix Landerer asked me to photograph his squad of dancers for an upcoming show. The choreographer works together with dancers from all over the world, like China, Italy, Canada and the Netherlands.

I had the idea of creating an atmosphere which is rather quiet than powerful and dynamic. By limiting the amount of light, I could just focus on the bodies during a moment of standstill, while peaking their movements.


This is Anila, Hannover, 2016 - Marcel Wogram for Landerer & Company.

Weekly Update #8


It was one of these days when you don’t expect much of your day in the office. You edit your images, send files, talk to colleagues and have a coffee. Everyone who worked in this kind of environment knows, that editors spend most of their time calling people. Coincidentally I listened to a conversation concerning a story about Neo Rauch, one of Germany’s highly renown present painters. I immediately joined that conversation and asked if I can take his portrait.
One week later, I sat in a car from Berlin down to Leipzig on my way to witness Mr. Rauch in his seemingly inaccessibly studio. It was the day after the American elections and we ended up talking about politics quite heavily. After a while we needed a break from this topic and I started to take his portrait.

Leipzig, Germany 2016 - Marcel Wogram for Volkskrant

90 Seconds


I have always been fascinated by male societies, likely because I don't understand them. I spent one evening at the fights and what struck me most wasn't the physical strength nor the violence, but the obvious vulnerability almost all of the fighters displayed. They appeared like they were stuck in an idea of toughness which they couldn't fully embrace. This is Viktor Dell about to enter the cage, he lost after about 90 seconds due to a knock-out. Two guys mopped his blood off the floor and the next fight commenced.

Rüsselsheim,Germany, November 2016 - Felix Schmitt for Frankfurter Allgemeine Woche



The signs of religion are everywhere you look in Israel. In Jerusalem of course, a holy place for many religions. But also in the metropol Tel Aviv. Painted on the wall of a shop.

Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, Israel, October 2016 - Kasper Palsnov

Weekly Update #7

Ain't nobody got time for that

Starting in November spanish school students and parents are going to protest against homework with the goal to completely get rid of it. Compared to other European countries pupils in Spain spend much more efforts to rework after the school hours. The winners of this story will definitely be the kids with more time to play around, such as jumping up street lanterns.


Palma de Mallorca ,Spain, 2016 - Patrick Slesiona





Salix Babylonica

The Weeping willow is one of my favorite trees in the world. Positivity is in its nature. Every year in early spring, the branches and leaves will be cut down to a minimum. The poor looking stump will soon re-grow to a beautiful majestic tree. It's a simple and pure form of life on planet earth.


Het Twiste, Netherlands, 2016 - Marcel Wogram 





Mr. R.

Mr. R. has spent more than the half of his life behind bars because of sexual offences. He attacked and raped underage girls. The psychological diagnose said he would not be able to feel empathy. 
Nobody wanted to let him out, but in 2011 he came out of prison. European Court of Human Rights declared preventive detention in Germany is illegal. 
He found a girlfriend who accept him like he is. If everything is in regulated channels Mr. R. says, he can trust himself. At the moment everything is ok.

Jens Gyarmaty, 2016 



Weekly Update #6



K always tried to be her best and her strongest. When she got transferred to another division of her company her new colleagues bonded against her, she was bullied from day one. It took months until she realized what was happening and years for her body to not being able to cope anymore. She suffered from burn-out and depression. She got back on track with the help of therapy and her husband. I got to spent a couple of days with her in her new life. When I left the first day after she told me her story I sat in my car and was really nauseated by how mean people can be. How empathy is the first victim when a group agrees on its inherent righteousness. 


Germany, 2016 - Felix Schmitt for GEO Wissen






The West Bank is a places divided by lines: walls, fences, check-points. Who decides this and why are lines so important? Right now the view from my window is to a large settlement that looks like a sand colored city, this morning I could hear the adhan from the local mosque.


West Bank, 21.10.2016 - Kasper Palsnov





Salon del Mobile

It was one of the early summer days, when I walked the beautiful Italian streets of Milano. I was photographing the Salon del Mobile, the famous annual furniture and manufacturing exhibition. I have beautiful memories about this time in Italy, but one of the most confusing and nice looking exhibits was this drowned lifesaver, which was nearly unnoticed by the visitors. It questions so much with it’s quiet appearance. A fact, that I really like about design or art, you name it. 

Really glad my friends from Bureau Bordeaux liked it too and use it now in their latest publication.


Milano, Italy, 2016 - Marcel Wogram for @produktdesign-hannover





Hours and hours of driving without any change of landscape. The U.S. has this incredible vastness. Nothing is everywhere. I was driving through South Dakota in June and stopped at one of the many former nuclear missile silos. It’s just a whole in the ground, nothing else. Incredible to imagine that World War III could have been started from here.


South Dakota, United States - Mario Wezel.

Weekly Update #5


I am fascinated about the time of waiting. I can use the time for something or I can use it for nothing. Both things are beautiful. When I use it for something I usually photograph. These ladies were waiting for the bus together. Their time together seemed important and precious.


Humlebæk train station, Denmark - Kasper Palsnov


I went to Greece last week to work on a story concerning the consequences of a new law the European Union released. A few member states agreed on giving a certain amount of asylums to refugees. Here I photographed at the building of the International Office Of Migration in Athens, talking to people how they came here and what they expect from their future.

The story will be released in de Volkskrant this week!


Athens, Greece - Marcel Wogram for de Volkskrant